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How to Get Real-Life Organization Ideas

Step 1

Scout thrift stores and flea markets for unusual items that work for storage. Baskets placed under a coffee table store magazines and other miscellaneous clutter, or you might consider using a few old suitcases in the corner to store your seasonal clothes. The suitcases can also serve as a side or end table if you're low on space.

Step 2

Your friends may use storage solutions that will also work for you. Your friend might have an inside trick for storing two or three rows of books on a single shelf or keeping track of storage lids in the kitchen. Look for these tricks each time you visit a friend or relative, especially after spring cleaning or redecorating.

Step 3

Consider using items you already have. If you have an extra tie rack or belt rack that you no longer use, use it to hold your necklaces and other types of jewelry, which can also act as a new focal point for the room. Use older, damaged baskets for storing and organizing dishes and utensils in the kitchen.

Step 4

Use special storage boxes or boxes you already own to hide clutter under the bed. Many people have extra storage space under the bed, but avoid using it because the clutter can multiply and make finding items more difficult. Look for short plastic storage boxes or thin cardboard boxes, and write the contents of the box on the outside.

Step 5

Flip through magazines and find celebrity tips. Jenna Lyons, the creative director for J.Crew uses clothing racks that let her see what she has. One realtor used a closet for storing her CDs and CD player. She then removed the closet door and replaced it with a curtain.

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