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Space Saving Organization Ideas

Overlooked Storage Spaces

Look for ways to utilize wasted space in your home. You could install shelves along the wall beneath eaves. A storage bench can fit under a dormer window. Use storage bins that can be zipped closed to contain shoes and other items under the bed. The standard double bed takes up 30 square feet of space, under which is valuable storage space that is often overlooked.

Kitchen Display

Many kitchen items are decorative as well as functional. Rather than hide decorative bowls, plates and gadgets inside a cabinet, utilize wall space for storage. Install shelving to hold plates and bowls. Install hooks to hold pots, pans and gadgets. The items will be handy as well as contribute to the kitchen's design.

Bathroom Storage

Even the smallest bathroom can have wasted space. A rolling cabinet of drawers can be nestled between a toilet and sink, or a toilet and bathtub, to contain bathroom tissue and toiletries. Add a small shelf over the toilet to hold more items. A skirt attached to a sink that does not have cabinet space underneath can hide storage for a bathroom scale and extra bathroom supplies.

Stairway Storage Space

Space beneath the stairs is often overlooked as storage space. Add shelving or cabinets for storage, or use the space for baskets and bins to hold seasonal clothing, crafting supplies, toys and other items.

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