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Crop Top Looks That Fit Your Body Type

Crop tops are one of the biggest trends in fashion right now. They come in different silhouettes, lengths and styles. They can be worn with skirts, pants, shorts or even on top of dresses for a layered look. However, the fact that they're everywhere, and considered appropriate for females older than 16, does not make it easier to integrate into our wardrobes. Crop tops place the spotlight on the area where many women feel most unhappy about: the midsection. Bearing an inch of our abdomen, for non-related bump pics, is not a welcoming thought in our minds.

After giving it some thought, mainly because I was dying to wear some of the awesome crop top/A-line skirt sets from the runways, I decided to buy one and analyze the effect in my life. It was very difficult: even though I’m slim, I struggle with accepting the way I look after having my children. So this “crop” experiment, without me even thinking about it, became one about self-discovery and self-love.

Along the way I learned various lessons. First, that it felt liberating to try something different, and encourage myself to admire the beauty of been a mom. Second, that others appreciate how you look based on how you feel about it. Confidence is the biggest illuminator you can wear. Third, feeling great about yourself translates into a more positive outlook and perspective of life.

Lastly, I learned that crop tops can flatter any figure if you wear them the right way. So here are some encouraging, and obviously daring, tips to help you take on the challenge and find your inner sexy-self again:

Pick the length. Crop tops are not all bustier looking. They come in different lengths and can fall just under the ribs or cover everything just above the belly button. Whatever you go for, make sure that it feels right and covered what you want when you sit and when you raise your arms. For shorter crops make sure your bottoms are high-waisted and not shorter than above the knee. If it covers the mid-section, leaving only a peekaboo area, you can go for shorter bottoms.

Image by Dee Trillo

Choose the right fit and fabric. The top must fit either loosely or snug, but never too tight. If it's made from a stretch fabric, make sure it hugs your body without cutting your skin — an all too unflattering outcome that makes your middle look bulky. Softer fabrics, such as cotton or silk, look great on looser styles.

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Balance proportions. Crop tops styled with high-waisted skirts or pants can be either fitted or loose. However, if you go for loose bottoms, be sure to choose a more fitted top to flatter your figure. The idea is to make sure you highlight a part of your body and keep it looking proportionate. We all want that hourglass figure.

Watch out for hues. Mixing prints and solid colors creates another great crop top look. You can use both and highlight one area of your body. You can also choose tops with panels on the side in a darker color to give the illusion of curves. Two pieces of the same print or one solid color will elongate your figure and make it look as a single piece.

Images by Dee Trillo

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