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Smoker Spices


A variety of peppers can be used for smoking foods. You can grind black, white, green and Tellicherry Indian peppercorns to release the flavors right before you use them. Other varieties of pepper you can use include cayenne pepper, ground red pepper, red pepper flakes and chili powder. You can also choose a pepper blend, such as lemon pepper or a medley of different colored peppercorns, when smoking meat.


You will also find several different kinds of salt to enhance your smoking flavors. You can choose regular table salt or you can use sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, Hawaiian black salt, Hawaiian algae salt or Celtic gray salt.

Herbs and Spices

The variety of herbs and spices that you can use while smoking foods is endless. It all depends on your personal preference and what you are smoking. Some of the herbs and spices frequently used while smoking meat and fish are oregano, thyme, garlic powder, onion powder, lemon peel, paprika, ginger, rosemary and cumin. These are usually used in conjunction with a variety of salt and pepper mixtures to enhance the flavors.

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