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Changing Table Activities

Hanging Toys

Kids would much rather be playing with toys than flat on their backs getting a diaper changed. You can make lying on their backs fun by hanging various objects over the changing table for them to bat at or play with. Ideas for good hanging toys include balloons or stuffed animals, as well as maracas, bells or other objects that make noise. (Note: Make sure that children are never around long strings without close adult supervision, as this can be a strangulation hazard.)

Playing With Stickers

Even babies as young as 6 months old can be easily entertained with a simple sticker. Babies are entranced by the fact that a sticker does not behave like other small toys, in that it doesn't fall when they turn their hands over and they cannot pass it from hand to hand in the usual way. Older infants and toddlers enjoy looking at the picture on a sticker and trying to move it from one hand to the other. If you don't have a sticker, you can use tape instead to create a similar distraction.

Singing Songs and Playing Games

Perhaps the most obvious changing table activities include songs and games you can do with a baby as a distraction from the changing process. You can sing nursery rhymes, popular songs or silly songs with lyrics that have to do with diaper changing. If you don't want to sing yourself, you can also put on some music -- kids' music or otherwise -- while you change your baby's diaper. For some fun games to play with older infants and toddlers, make animal sounds at them and encourage them to make the sounds back, ask them to point at various body parts, make silly faces at each other, act like a "tickle monster" and make your baby giggle, or play peek-a-boo.

Playing With Special Toys

Giving your baby a toy during changing table time may work, but probably not if it's one of the toys that the baby usually plays with during the day. Instead, keep a special basket of toys that only come out during diaper-changing times. Don't feel that you have to buy expensive or new toys; instead, consider using everyday objects from around the house that your child doesn't usually play with, such as hairbrushes or spice containers.

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