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5 Shoes to Splurge On and 5 to Save On

With so many shoe options available it’s hard to decide which ones to invest in and which ones we should get at a steal. The good news is there are a couple of factors we can consider to base our decisions off of. Things like their ability to transition from season to season and a philosophy we should all live by: quality over quantity.

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SPLURGE (left to right)

1. Sven Plain Clog with Strap, $195

One of the most versatile types of shoe, these clogs are perfect for the summer with denim shorts or a sundress but can easily be incorporated into your winter wardrobe by wearing them with tights or woven socks. Each pair is handmade in the U.S. and can even be customized to fit the exact dimensions of your feet. That alone is well worth the small investment.

2. Kate Spade Licorice Too Pump, $224

Forget about the little black dress. Every woman needs a little black pump. This staple is timeless because of its flexibility. It can go from day to night just by switching out the jeans you’re in with a fun cocktail dress and winter coat. Without a doubt, it’s the one pair that’ll be passed down through the generations.

3. Sam Edelman Joplin Tall Boot, $220

The cooler months are in full effect and figuring out how to stay warm is part of the morning routine. A tall boot adds another layer to your legs without feeling like you’ve lost all sense of fashion in the name of practicality. And for those of us who do a lot of walking, can we just have a moment of thanks for a thick heel.

4. Jeffrey Campbell Lita Platform, $160

This style of shoe is obviously not for everyone. It’s for the girl who takes risks in what she wears. If you’re going to go there, do it right. Jeffrey Campbell is the king of the platform shoe, so go with the best. Although these ankle booties may look uncomfortable, they actually provide quite a bit of support because of its lace-up structure.

5. Minnetonka Sheepskin Mule Slipper, $74

You might think that spending over 70 bucks on house shoes sounds crazy but think about how often you’d use them. In the fall and winter, especially, slippers are always at your bedside. They’re the first pair you put on the morning and the last to be taken off at night. People have kept the same pair of sheepskin mules for years proving that they’re not only cozy but also really durable.

SAVE (left to right)

1. Deena & Ozzy Ankle-Strap Sandal, $39

Ditch the high-priced Birkenstocks that’ll go out of style in a year or two (and not to mention, that our husbands hate) and go for this beautiful and equally comfortable option. An ankle-strap gives the support a lot of sandals lack and the single band across the foot is such a fantastic detail for those of us who appreciate minimalism.

2. GC Shoes Sassy Flat, $40

The majority of us love flats. When we became moms that love turned into an obsession. It’s the go-to shoe because we can chase after our kids without spraining an ankle. But to be honest, most are dull and unattractive. The cut-away lip detail on this shoe gives a whole new identity to the basic flat. And not to mention, leopard is one of those prints that seems to always be on trend, which makes this both a classic and stylish option.

3. FOREVER 21 Pointed Metallic Bootie, $35

Buying shoes for a special occasion can be fun but if you’re only planning to wear them one or twice within the year, it’s probably best not to spend a fortune on them. This stiletto bootie is an ideal choice for the holidays—it’s festive, chic and also affordable.

4. Adidas Adistar Racer, $50

Being able to throw on a sneaker for a trip to the grocery store is essential. But boy, do they come at a high price tag. The key to getting a good, cheap pair of kicks is looking out for ones that have been marked down. These racers are simple in design but bold in color. Plus, if Adidas were good enough for Run-D.M.C. then they’re definitely good enough for me.

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5. ASOS Gardener Wellies, $30

Unless you live in an area that sees a whole lot of rain, all the time, there’s no need to invest in high-end wellies. As much as we swoon for that famous brand (rhymes with Funter) it doesn’t make sense to have a pair of pricey waterproof boots sitting in our closets—you know, just in case that “small chance of showers” actually happens. Get a pair of these ASOS boots instead and wear them proudly. Even if it is just a drizzle.

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