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5 Yummy Breakfasts for Picky Toddlers

Picky toddlers are the toughest customers. Taking time to cater to the day's new whim right in the morning rush isn't really an option. So keep a list of easy go-to breakfasts that picking kids will request and mamas on the move can deliver.

Oatmeal and chocolate avocado

How exciting can oatmeal be? Pretty lame, you think? Think again! We all know the health benefits of America’s favorite warm cereal but if your picky eater just isn’t convinced that oatmeal is for them, try adding chocolate. Yes, chocolate for breakfast. But hear me out: in attempts to get healthy fats in my daughter’s diet, I began splitting open an avocado, a few spoonfuls of vegan cocoa butter, a touch of cinnamon and honey and mixing it all together. I popped the mixture in heart-shaped trays, froze them and placed them on top of her warm bowl of oatmeal. The results? Chocolatey heaven. And more importantly, a great and healthy breakfast!

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It’s hard to get protein plus veggies in a picky kid’s diet. My husband snuck on my Pinterest account one day (sorry, babe!) and whipped up these delicious egg-based items that we lovingly call Eggies. The recipe is ridiculously simple. All you need is scrambled eggs and any kind of vegetables that you like. We love tossing in red peppers, spinach, onions and carrots. When chopped up finely, picky kiddies won’t even be able to tell that they’re eating veggies. Also, they freeze and microwave easily so you can make a batch of them in advance and have them on hand when needed.

Dairy-free parfait

If your toddler’s tummy gets funny when dairy is introduced, your options are pretty slim when it comes to deliciously creamy meals. The key is finding good (and healthy) alternatives and adding in your own sweet touches. Trader Joe’s Coconut Milk Yogurt layered on top of bite-sized pieces of fresh fruits is a win for little ones. Add some softened granola and, not only are you getting healthy goodies in them, but they’ll be begging you for more.

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Almond butter and fruit quesadilla

For the mama who really has to make things pretty in order for her kid to even take a look at it, this delicious breakfast item can easily become a hit. It’s also super quick and easy! Slather a flour (or gluten-free) quesadilla with almond butter. Top it with fruits that your babe likes (mine goes for bananas and strawberries). Fold the quesadilla and cook both sides in a pan with coconut oil. Cool and cut quesadilla in fun cookie cutter shapes.

Almond Butter Banana Oatmeal Cookies

Yep, you read that right. Cookies for breakfast isn’t always a bad thing. A recipe this delicious has the potential to create a monster; your toddler will want cookies for breakfast every morning. Would it be such a bad thing? Especially when this recipe contains wholesome ingredients like almond butter, oats and bananas. Plus, they are easy to grab for particularly busy mornings.

Image by Brittany Minor

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