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These Are the Top Things a Mom Wants in a Partner

Photograph by Twenty20

Whether you're a married mom or are flying solo, we can all agree there are certain qualities about a partner that are drool-worthy. I mean, if someone can remember which child likes the blue cup and which one will throw a fit if they don't get the green one, that's just super hot, right?

Physical attraction is a big one, sure, but we all crave certain traits that go way beyond that in a significant other when it comes to lasting love. And when we start a family together, that list expands quite a bit. It's funny how we can be more turned on by a partner who's cleaning the toilet without being asked than we are by their physique, but it's very true. I talked with a few of my lady friends to come up with the things that we admire most in a partner:

1. Shopping Is Hot

Someone who can rage in Target and watch after the kids so you can browse without going to the bad place is huge. The other day, I saw a very sexy man sipping on a latte and holding his daughter's hand as he was browsing in the housewares section—100 percent swoonworthy.

2. Teamwork Is Key

Working together as a team sans kids is one thing, but doing it when you have little kids watching, learning and testing you is a whole different ballgame. When you're struggling and your partner can pick up on it and just take over, that's a major turn-on. And, when you can recognize they're feeling stressed and do the same for them—and it doesn't go unnoticed—that's major too. We simply cannot be "on" all the time. It's wonderful to have someone who can recognize that without having to ask for it.

3. Someone Who Knows How to Practice Patience

Sometimes we have it and sometimes we don't, but let's face it, when we see someone remain patient in a tough situation, there's nothing sexier—especially if it has to do with our kids. We all lose it on occasion because we're human, but patience is something we all want to get better at. Seeing someone we love practice it makes us want to be a better person.

4. Someone Who Can Take Over Like a Boss

When our partners take our misbehaving kid (or kids) out to the car when we're dining out so we can finish our meal, or they get up with the toddlers who jump all over you before the sun comes up, have got to be at the top of my list. In fact, just offering this makes me smolder. There isn't much that can rip me away from a cheeseburger but this will definitely get me in the mood, fast.

There isn't much that can rip me away from a cheeseburger, but this will definitely get me in the mood, fast.

5. Someone Who Has a Strong Backup Game

If one of kids is being sassy, there is nothing that's a bigger help than another adult backing you up and letting your child know they aren't allowed to disrespect their parents. Most of the time, two adults supporting each other is enough to set your little tyke straight. They either realize they don't have a chance or seeing two adults help each other leaves them speechless.

6. Someone Who Can Multitask Like a Mother

Nothing makes us better at doing a few things at once like being a parent. There is simply no other way to get things done. Someone who has mastered helping with homework while they get dinner on the table and start a grocery list is a quality we all want in a mate.

7. Don't Say You Are "Helping Me Out"

No, please don't do this. If we live in the same house, or you spend a majority of your time in my home, you are not helping me out by being a father, doing housework or taking care of the dog when he needs to go out. It's called pulling your weight and being a partner. We both work hard, we both do the shit that needs to be done as it comes up.

8. You Are Responsible

Someone who is responsible with money, with themselves and with other people's feelings is the definition of "fine" in my book. Being aware of your actions and how they affect other people is super important, especially if you are a single mom looking for a new potential life partner.

No one is perfect. We all have our faults and things we want to get better at. Relationship are downright hard sometimes, but we can all agree that partnering with someone who can balance our parenting style out, and knows how to care of us in all the ways a mom wants to be taken care of, is sure to keep the flame burning.

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