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How to Care for Wool Coats

Step 1

Remove dirt from a wool coat by brushing with a stiff-bristled clothes brush. Brush in one direction, starting at the top of the coat and working down.

Step 2

Mix a half-teaspoon of mild dish soap in a sink of water. Wet a cloth in the soapy mixture and spot clean any stains on the cuffs or collar. Rinse the soap from the fabric by dabbing with a damp cloth. Allow the fabric to air dry.

Step 3

Only wash wool coats that contain less than 80 percent wool. If they contain 80 percent or more of wool, have them dry cleaned at least once a year or twice if worn throughout the winter.

Step 4

Fill a tub with cool water and one teaspoon of soap for wool garments. Push the coat into the water and gently press the soap suds into the fabric. Avoid rubbing or wringing the wool.

Step 5

Drain the tub and fill with cool water. Rinse the coat by swishing it through the water. Drain the tub and gently push water from the coat while it remains in the tub.

Step 6

Place the coat on a towel. Lay a towel across the top of the coat and press down to squeeze the liquid out of the material. After removing as much water as possible, lay the wool coat on a clean towel and allow it to air dry.

Step 7

After the coat has dried, roll a lint remover over the wool to remove dust particles and lint. Hang wool coats in an area with good ventilation such as a coat rack.

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