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Pinterest-Ready Fashion Layouts for Moms

I see gorgeous collections of stylish clothes on Pinterest all the time, and I love them. Unfortunately, they're all too often in my dreams—not my reality. Few moms can afford $250 suede boots, no matter how perfect they look with that asymmetrical cashmere wrap I'd have jelly smeared on within five minutes. And no sane mama would risk having that trendy multi-layer beaded necklace ripped off her neck by curious baby hands, nor could she fit her diapers and wipes into that adorable leather clutch.

That's why we need fashion layouts for moms. Because we have our very own style, and it's time we gave our wardrobes the Pinterest treatment!

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The Mom Fashion Basics Collection includes a white T-shirt and black yoga pants, perfect for everyday wear. From an overflowing diaper bag to dark glasses for disguising your under-eye bags, this collection has everything you need. A gigantic mug of coffee (AS FAR AS ANYONE KNOWS) keeps you going, while stickers slapped onto your legs by your kids pull double duty, covering stains and adding colorful flair!

Get extra mileage out of those hardworking basics in the Workout Collection. Pair them with the wild, multi-color cross trainers your toddler randomly threw into the Target cart because she "hearts rainbows," then add style to your hair with a ponytail holder (or a rubber loom band, whatever you find at the bottom of your purse). Be sure to stay hydrated with the mason-jar-inspired water bottle that Pinterest convinced you that you couldn't live without, and don't forget to take your smart phone! After all, having some solo time to scroll through Facebook was the only reason you went to the gym in the first place.

Mom Fashion even has you covered at school, with our PTO Meeting Collection! Your T-shirt and yoga pants will look great alongside that humongous mom-bag containing two of everything in the universe—except a pen, which is why you'll be taking notes with this eyeliner pencil instead. Make up for not being prepared by using this fab One Direction notebook, which you got at a back-to-school sale for your daughter before she informed you that 1D was "so last year."

Mom Fashion transitions easily from day to evening with our gorgeous Date Night Collection. By now your white T-shirt is probably far from laundry-fresh, but a trendy infinity scarf hides a multitude of stains. This is also a great opportunity to break out those ah-mazing knee-high boots (not included) to justify your $85 splurge that day you saw them marked down from $210 at Kohl's. Dab on a little strawberry Chap Stick (FANCY!), spritz on some of that "perfume" the kids gave you for Mother's Day, and you're ready for a rushed night of romantic casual dining that ends with you speeding home to avoid paying the sitter for an extra hour!

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Truly special occasions require a special outfit, and the Mom Fashion Friend's Wedding Collection has just the right combination of elegance and elastic waist pants. Switch out your usual T-shirt for one in off-white—out of respect for the bride—and dress it up with some "Frozen" costume jewelry and a tiara from the abandoned dress-up box under your daughter's bed. Finish it off with rhinestone bedazzled flip flops and a sequined backpack you found at the bottom of your kid's closet and you're ready to toast the lucky couple!

All of the items you see pictured are available at Target—because we knew you were probably going to be there sometime this week anyway.

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