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5 Cheap and Easy Wardrobe Updates

The arrival of fall and winter can be received with the expectation of the holidays and the fear of inclement weather. As we gear up to what seems another Polar Vortex-dominated season, we have to face the never-ending question of what to wear. This time of year demands clothes that not only keep us protected from the colder temperatures but stylish during for festive occasions.

However, keeping a budget during this gifting season can be difficult, but don’t fret. There is no need to get a new wardrobe. The most effective way to stay stylish and warm is to reinvent yourself with what you already have. Keep these five tips in mind:

1. Reuse, recycle, renew

This doesn't just apply to plastic and glass, it also applies to our closets. Take older garments and check their condition. Sometimes all they need is a fix-me-up to look new. Give jackets from past seasons a new life by adding a colorful scarf, a metal belt or a vintage brooch. If you are feeling adventurous, choose older pieces and take them to the dry cleaners to have them dyed in a different color. Imagine taking a drab beige trench and turning it into a gorgeous emerald or dust rose coat. For those who have a bit more time — or love DIYs — change out buttons for newer or vintage ones. You can mix and match, color-block with the tone of the outerwear or get some gold luxe looking ones for a more glam vibe.

2. Invest in the right pieces.

There isn’t a thing we can’t do, if we invest in the right pieces. A double-breasted coat, a leather jacket, a strong blazer and a sweater are the top choices. But, don’t be afraid to try different shapes and colors. Beige, white, grey and houndstooth look great on everyone — but so do mint, leopard and pink. The trick is choosing a classic or trendy shape depending on your mood and style. Pay close attention to the fabric. Capes, caftans and parkas are great shapes in any color, but don’t resist buying that pretty zebra raincoat or the furry vest.

Trust me: it will bring you many compliments!

3. Protect your garments.

Sometimes we buy gorgeous leather pieces that are not meant to be in the snow or freezing rain. That is why you must get yourself a pack of sole protectors, an umbrella and waterproof spray. It sounds like a silly game, but, when that $200 pair of boots don’t get ruined because of the slippery ice, you will be grateful. Another thing is to keep them in a dry place when coming inside the house. Cheap polyesters, faux fur and wool tend to get ruined very easily, and, therefore, look cheap with a few uses. So always be mindful of the weather to avoid ruining your clothes. Go for textures that are tick, and can withstand it.

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4. Mix and match

Nobody said you had to get rid of your summer clothes in order to battle the colder season. Maxi dresses, short and long skirts, shorts and even crop tops can become great layering pieces if worn correctly. A maxi dress paired with boots and a jacket look great during the fall. To take it to winter, add a cute long sleeve undershirt, tights and a scarf along with the outerwear. When it comes to skirts and shorts, the best tip is to invest in thick leggings or tights. You can choose a pair with a cool pattern or a fun color and use it as an accessory to complement the look. Always go for long-sleeve sweaters to complement the shorter hemline and keep you warm. Or mix a maxi skirt with a shorter shirt. Now, crop tops have been huge these past seasons, and I found that layering them on top of long sleeve blouses and shirts, gives them a cool and trendy edge. Just make sure the fabrics are stretchy and thin enough that they will not become bulky and make you lose your shape.

5. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize:

The No. 1 rule for this fall and winter to stay on a budget must be to use everything as an accessory. Use your scarves, hats, gloves and jewelry to make a statement, rather than spending on new pieces. An old black coat would look great with a few dainty necklaces, a single chunky necklace or with a black and gold leather belt. Mix and match your hats — go for fun wide brims, fedoras and beanies in a bold color or with a cool design. Use bracelets on top of gloves, put on dangling earrings even in daytime or add a silk scarf to your purse. Bring the tropics to the wonderland by adding pops of color to your outfits and going for brighter hues on your shoes or handbags, instead of the traditional black, navy or brown.

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Images by Dee Trillo

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