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How to Store Makeup Brushes

Step 1

Clean your brushes every three to five months by washing them in a mild liquid soap. Clean them individually in the palm of your hand; if you throw them in a basin full of water and let them soak, the glue that holds the bristles in the brush will disintegrate and the brush can fall apart. Instead, apply a drop of soap to your palm, then wet the brush under water. Gently rub the brush head into the soap in your palm, then rinse well. Squeeze out excess water, then lay the brush over the edge of the basin to dry.

Step 2

Store brushes upright where possible on the brush handle end by placing them in a cylindrical container or cup. Keep them out of sunlight as the heat can break down the brush fibers.

Step 3

Store brushes in a makeup bag, but keep brushes used for liquid makeup separate from brushes used for powder makeup. Place liquid makeup brushes inside of a plastic baggy.

Step 4

Place makeup brushes inside a roll up pouch with individual pockets. Place similar brushes together. Make sure the bristles are not wet or bent when you roll up the pouch.

Step 5

Keep your brushes inside of a hard makeup case or train case with compartments. This is a stylish option for the heavy duty makeup fashionista or the traveling makeup guru.

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