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9 Festively Red Lipsticks

Got somewhere fancy to go this holiday season? You go, girl! You’ve got your gorgeous outfit ready, the shoes are picked out, babysitter booked, but ... just what will you do to take that look of yours to the next level? Pair it with a stunning lip color! Check out these nine festive lipsticks that will look beautiful on your lips this season.

1. If you’re a gal who likes (ahem, and can afford) the finer things in life, you may want to give Yves St. Laurent Rouge in Danger a spin. Magical things will happen. This deep strawberry red has the ability to embed you with a dose of self-confidence and it really is the kind of lipstick that you’ll find yourself grabbing daily.

2. The brand e.l.f. has been giving us affordable and fierce cosmetics for quite some time. Red Carpet is no exception as it is truly one bright red that feels as great as it looks.

3. Not long ago, the popular drugstore brand Milani Cosmetics revamped their lipsticks and they went from pretty good to extraordinary. They have an array of colors, the formula is spot on and ... they’re affordable! If you want an extra little sparkle, Cherry Crave contains gold shimmer that will make you stand out!

4. Not too long ago, Too Faced released their liquified long-wearing lipsticks and beauty lovers went wild. These lipsticks are perfect because they seriously don’t budge. You can run your mouth alllllllllll night at that holiday party, sip on spiked eggnog and nom nom on questionable hors d'oeuvres and this baby will look as fabulous as it did when you first applied. Melted Ruby is a bright red that should be worn by the ladies who want that Ooohhhh, look at me look during that holiday party.

5. Pinching those pennies and saving up for an extra special gift for someone ... or yourself? I’m not judging. Seriously. One of my favorite, lesser-known brands Wet ‘n Wild is also releasing fabulously bright colors that are fitting for women of all complexions. Saraghina is a deep wine that will pair beautifully with, oh, I don’t know ... a real glass of wine!

6. Have you heard of the brand Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics? Simply put, they are a brand for makeup lovers who don’t follow the rules. Bright blue lipstick? Easy. Create your own color? No problem. If you’re an unconventional mama who likes to step out of the box, you’l love OCC’s Black Dahlia. It’s a blackened red that is borderline gothic, rich and absolutely stunning.

7. If you don’t wear much makeup but you know you have to do something to look like you tried at that office party, try Ulta’s Milan. Yes, it’s a lipstick but it is a super moisturizing one that doesn’t contain an insane amount of color. I think it’s perfect for girls who would rather keep their lip statements understated.

8. NYX Cosmetics rocks in the cheap yet sweet department. If you just can’t get down with sporting red on the lips, why not try NYX’s Lil Susie. It’s a sweet pink that will look gorgeous when paired with many colors.

9. Too Faced Under the Mistletoe is for my ladies who would rather not rock a bold lip. Hey, no problem, because you don’t have to wear a red lipstick to look fabulous. Too Faced is giving us a sweet little set of three of their La Crème Color Drenched Lip Creams. Fitting and complementary for women of all complexions, these lipsticks are also incredibly hydrating for those wintery months.

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