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5 Not-So-Happy Things About Disneyland

I love, love, love Disneyland, especially now since the introduction of Fast Passes (remember the days of standing in line for two hours for Space Mountain?), healthier food options and charging stations in the lockers. The moniker "Happiest Place on Earth" is 100 percent accurate, but there are a few things about Disneyland that I find to be not so happy.

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1. Conveyor belts

What's up with the moving conveyor belts to load and unload rides? It's a good thing I take Lexapro, otherwise getting in and out of the some of those rides would send me into an immediate panic attack.

2. They sell out of the most popular toys

They clearly underestimate the popularity of their films and the country's insatiable thirst for character-driven product because last year they ran out of Elsa and Anna dolls, and this year there were no Baymax plush stuffies left only two weeks after the release of "Big Hero 6."

3. No alcohol

Thank God, California Adventure has a "wine ride."

Would it kill the magical powers that be to put a little moonshine booth in the middle of Frontierland? Or maybe a hurricane stand in New Orleans Square? (I've heard there is a private club in Disneyland that serves booze but I'm referring to some hooch for the regular folk.) Thank God, California Adventure has a "wine ride" (aka a winery/restaurant that sells beer & wine).

4. Poor cell phone service

Now that cell phones are a fifth appendage to most of us, how are we supposed to survive when there is no cell service in several areas of the park? C'mon now, I need to be able to post to Instagram at a moment's notice.

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5. The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Oh man, this is going to be a source of contention between several of my friends and me, but I cannot stand to see girls traipsing around Disneyland with full-length princess gowns and Jonbenét Ramsey makeup. I know that there are little girls that love it, but 1) it's way pricey, and 2) they look like they are about to make a cameo on "Toddlers and Tiaras" instead of have a raging fun day at Disneyland.

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