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How to Apply Bright Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes

Step 1

Sweep eye-shadow primer across both your lids. This is important for such a bright look, because you want it to last and not fade during the day -- or night. Most primers go on nude or sheer to create a base for your glam makeup.

Step 2

Apply a highlighter shadow -- think white or cream -- over the brow bone area on both eyes, and along the inside corners of your eyes. This is the quickest, easiest ways to add a layer of shadow to your eyes -- layering is a key technique when it comes to long-lasting makeup.

Step 3

Use a bright green shadow across your lids. You can go with more of a pastel green shade, or opt for a neon hue, depending on just how bold a mood you're in. Add a bit of a cranberry to purple shade just in the center of each lid and blend it toward the outer corner of your eye. The green and purple shades are going to make your pretty hazel eyes pop. Pretty gorgeous!

Step 4

Starting at the inner corner of one eye, use a plum-colored liner to line across your natural lash line, all the way out to the outer corner of your eye. Do the same on your other eye. Most girls stick with a basic black liner, but if you want a bold look that's bright and fun, but still wearable, try a plum liner.

Step 5

Finish your look with a couple coats of black mascara. This look is perfect for an elegant evening out or for rockin' to that live music show. Work it!

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