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Chignon Bun Hairstyles

High Chignon

Rather than wearing your bun at the nape of the neck, pull it up high -- all the way to the crown of your head. Jennifer Lopez and "Vampire Diaries" star Nina Dobrev are some of the many celebs known to sport this look down the red carpet. Slick hair back into a tight bun, or make it big and loose. Both ways look amazingly fab and perfectly on trend.

Side Chignon

Wear your bun on the side. This takes just as much time as a normal chignon, but gives tons of added drama. Wear it tightly pulled to the side or make it messy. Add a piece-y bang and/or curls and let it look intentionally unfinished. Celebs like Taylor Swift, Jessica Biel and Eva Longoria all love to sport different versions of this fashionable look.

Half Bun

Blake Lively's "Gossip Girl" character Serena flaunted this totally creative look during filming of the hit show. It's actually a combination of a bun and a ponytail. Hair is sectioned into three horizontal parts. The top two sections are pulled into messy buns and the third is pulled into a ponytail. Your friends definitely won't expect this look, but it's so cute they'll all be asking you how you did it.

Braided Bun

To add more texture to your locks, braid your hair before pulling it back into your chignon. If your hair isn't long enough to pull off a whole braid, braid a tiny section of hair and leave the rest loose, or go Bohemian and braid a section of hair in the front of the head and pull it into your bun. Jessica Alba and Jessica Simpson both love adding a little braid to their buns, and once you try it, we're guessing you will too.

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