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Mom and Tot Twinning: Pattern and Texture

The pattern on pattern trend is here to stay for a while. It’s a beautiful concept that us regular people can incorporate into our wardrobe very easily. We might not be walking down a runway anytime soon but that doesn’t mean we need to shy away from this popular style statement. Balance is everything when it comes to motherhood and we should adopt the same rules when it comes to fashion.

By pairing a bold pattern with a subtle one, the look becomes cohesive rather than jarring. Layer that with a solid and you have yourself a refined outfit that borders daring but stays within the “safe” guidelines.

Normally in the colder season I head straight for darker colors. This year, I wanted to reach out of my comfort zone and welcome lighter colors by reinventing the existing pieces we had in our closets. I lived in this tunic in the summertime. It was an easy cover-up at the pool or something I would wear to the market with cut-off shorts. This season, I chose to pair it with a heavy tweed skirt because the pattern of the embroidery was reminiscent of the houndstooth pattern of the skirt. Even though they’re not identical, optically, they coordinate with one another.

Something I love about my daughter’s wardrobe is how interchangeably the pieces are. It’s a cost-saving philosophy and something I recommend to every parent who wants to buy quality clothes for their kid and get the most out of the money they spend. These leopard print shorts easily transitioned from warm to cold weather just by layering them with tights. A color in the floral detail of her top ties into the peach of her shorts, which makes it make sense.

We tied both outfits together by wearing similar black faux fur cover-ups and shoes of the same texture and color. Underneath, our clothes are very different but the pattern on pattern idea is prominent. This just goes to show that you don’t have to wear the same thing as your tot to represent a united look. Individuality is as equally important as style so I wanted both of us to look and feel like ourselves.


1. J. Crew embroidered tunic (last season’s – find a similar version here.)

2. Vintage lace cami

3. Vintage tweed houndstooth midi skirt (from my own mom’s closet)

4. Donna Slayers’ faux fur poncho

5. Sam Edelman petty boot


1. Zara printed shirt w/ roll up sleeves

2. Marloe Jr. leopard shorts

3. Gymboree classic tights

4. Baby Gap textured slip-on sneakers

5. Koala Baby faux fur jacket

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