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How to Buy Vintage Earrings

Step 1

Research the type of vintage earrings you would like to buy so you know what qualifies as vintage and what prices are acceptable. When assessing a piece of jewelry, inspect the design, the condition and the signature if it has one. Look for rust, which will impact the price. And, though not all vintage jewelry has a signature, look for a ones that indicates the piece was made in a certain era and that it was made by a particular brand.

Step 2

Locate an estate, garage or yard sale to browse for jewelry. Often, you can find unique vintage jewelry for less money than at vintage jewelry shops.

Step 3

Look online at specialized jewelry stores like and When you purchase something, you want authentic vintage, so beware or the terms “vintage-inspired” or “vintage-style.”

Step 4

Visit antique shops, as they often have vintage jewelry and have assessed the value and rarity.

Step 5

Find a jewelry store that offers authentic vintage earrings. The jewelry will likely cost more, but the quality will be verifiable.

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