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How to Stop Feet From Sweating and Sliding in Shoes

Step 1

Apply a foot cushion to the insole of shoes to keep feet from sliding forward. Place it where the ball of the foot rests in the shoe. Most foot cushions are peel and stick and they keep toes from overhanging and put the kibosh on toe crunch.

Step 2

Eliminate sweating with some preventative maintenance and foot care. Wash your feet, or your kid's, every day. Use an antibacterial soap, rinse and then remove every trace of moisture as though your feet depended on it. If you have to bust out the blow dryer to thoroughly dry between the toes, bless your soles and go for it.

Step 3

Sprinkle a foot powder (or cornstarch in a pinch) on feet or in shoes to absorb moisture. Or swipe an underarm antiperspirant on feet to work just like it does for under your arms.

Step 4

If you or your child suffers from out-of-control sweating, you may have hyperhidrosis, a medical condition that causes excessive and unpredictable sweating, even during cool weather or inactivity. Your doctor can fill you in on options, such as surgery and even botox, if he diagnoses you with hyperhidrosis.

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