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How to Roll Up & Pack Dress Shirts in a Suitcase

Step 1

Lay out a plastic dry-cleaning bag flat on a bed. Spread the dress shirt out on top of the plastic, making it neat.

Step 2

Open up the shirt and slip another plastic bag inside. Fasten the buttons with the bag flat inside, and smooth the fabric out nice and flat on the bed.

Step 3

Spread a third plastic bag out over the top of the shirt.

Step 4

Fold over the left and right edges of the dress shirt and arms-- with the bag layers, too -- so they overlap just a touch down the center.

Step 5

Start rolling up the shirt from the bottom hem. Keep the rolling tight and neat all the way to the top.

Step 6

Add heavier things to the suitcase first -- jeans, pants and T-shirts. Add your delicate separates and the tightly the rolled dress shirts last so they don’t get crushed.

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