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5 Things More Annoying Than a Baby Crying on a Plane

Traveling during the holidays is stressful enough. Throw a baby into the mix and it’s enough to push even the most skilled baby whisperer over the edge.

There is no shortage of advice for people flying with their children:

  • Make sure to feed them…like at all times…so that they don’t have the opportunity to gasp deep enough for air to belt out a cry.
  • Bring plenty of toys…like aisles 3-17 at Toys R' Us.
  • Pack extra clothing in case of any accidents...Umm, it’s going to take more than an extra T-shirt to make this pleasurable.

What I’ve realized at 30,000 feet is that if your child wants to flip out, they are going to—regardless of how much you’ve prepared.

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So while your baby turns into a crying demon, try to think about all of the things that are more annoying than your screaming child:

1. Old ladies at the market who pay with a check.

It’s 2014 and there are still people paying by check! These people are creatures of habit. They grocery shop on the same day each week and buy the exact same items. GET CASH…your total is ALWAYS $78.56!

2. Drivers with a soft goose-neck.

You know the ones I'm talking about. They are texting or scrolling through Instagram, but they hold it below the dashboard so they won't get caught. Their neck goes limp while they are head-down engrossed in their Facebook status update.

3. Smokers

Now that I have a baby, it seems like everywhere I go people are smoking. I can hold my breath and avoid your death cloud, but my baby cannot.

4. Lazy dog owners

If your dog poops on my lawn, it is not considered fertilizer.

Dogs poop. It's not a secret. This is information you should know prior to getting a dog. If your dog poops on my lawn, it is not considered fertilizer. Please pick it up and put it in any of the 37 trash cans that you will be passing on your walk.

5. Personal space invaders

I think two to three feet of space is a respectable distance. It allows me to talk with my hands without hitting people. If I can see that you no longer have your wisdom teeth, you are too close and need to back up.

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So there you have it. While it may be unpleasant to have your child crying on an airplane, there are adults doing far more annoying things on a daily basis. I hope this helps keep things in perspective for you while you travel with your baby demon this holiday season.

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