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5 Bathroom Updates

Whether you’ve purchased an old fixer-upper or even a newer home (as in built within the last two decades) there are probably some changes that need to be made. Bathrooms are something you’ll get a return on when it comes time to sell so it’s important to make conscious design choices along the way. Functionality should be high on the priority list but that doesn’t mean that it can’t also be beautiful. No matter what the budget looks like, anyone can choose from these 5 ways to transform the look and feel of their space.

Photograph by Alexis Sassard

1. Update the faucet fixtures:

The sink and tub or shower fixtures can either make a bathroom look lovely or dull. Imagine soaking in a tub while looking at a gorgeous spout. Wouldn’t that make your bath experience that much more enjoyable? When potential buyers are house hunting and browsing through your home, that’s exactly what they’ll imagine too. It’s best to hire a professional to install new fixtures that require plumbing. The last thing you want is a stunning but leaky faucet.

(This tub and shower fixture combo found here)

Photograph by Alexis Sassard

2. Change out the hardware:

You move into a house and the one thing that often sticks out like a sore thumb is the outdated hardware on the cabinetry. It’s usually cheap and unattractive. Switching out the hardware can be a simple, inexpensive way to update your bathroom and eventually be a great selling feature for future buyers.

(These cabinet bar handles found here)

Photograph by Alexis Sassard

3. Custom cabinetry:

Speaking of cabinets – custom cabinetry can be an investment with a major pay off. Nothing will fit better than something that was measured to the exact dimensions of the space. Adding small details like feet can make your vanity look more like a piece of furniture rather than a generic storage cupboard. Shop around and get referrals. You might be surprised by the cost. It’s not as unaffordable as it may seem.

Photograph by Alexis Sassard

4. Upgrade the lighting:

If your home is like mine, it was part of the 90s builder-grade madness with cheap finishes and very cheap lighting. Track lighting and bathroom vanity bulbs are never a good look. Ever. Replacing those blah fixtures can make the biggest impact. Remember that fluorescent bulbs are incredibly unflattering. Go for a softer, more natural lighting option for the bathroom.

(This double wall sconce found here)

Photograph by Alexis Sassard

5. Simple color scheme:

Last but not least, make your bathroom memorable by being subtle. Everyone wants to feel like they can be at ease in a bathroom. Think of a calming palette when choosing paint and finishes. A safe bet is to go with a clean, refined aesthetic but something that’s still inviting – warm whites, cool grays, and an overall neutral scheme are a sure way to please everyone.

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