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How to Treat Wire Jewelry

Step 1

Clean the wired jewelry at least once every three months with a mild dish solution. Mix 1 tbsp. of mild dish soap with 3/4 cup of warm water in a bowl. Wet your wired jewelry, and wipe it gently with cotton swabs.

Step 2

Set the wired jewelry on a soft, dry towel to dry completely. Turn the jewelry over after 45 minutes to an hour so that both sides are drained and dried.

Step 3

Place the wired jewelry in an organized jewelry box that will not allow the wired jewelry to scrape up against other pieces of jewelry or get tangled up.

Step 4

Take off your wired jewelry to put on lotions, perfumes, hairspray or other substances to your face, hands and hair. The chemicals contained in these products will harm your wired jewelry causing breakdown of your gem or stone, and rusting of your wired jewelry.

Step 5

Never place your wired jewelry in a place where it could get crushed and the wire will bend out of place.

Step 6

Never swim with wired jewelry or expose your wired jewelry to other household chemicals. The chemicals will destroy the wire.

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