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What to Wear in the Summer for an Interview

Conservative with Color

Summer opens up a whole range of lighter fabrics as options for an interview look, so why not also switch up your traditional winter color palette, and escape the gloomy blacks and navy blues? Keep your look professional in khaki or light gray suit separates, but highlight your vivacious personality with a splash of color in a shirt or scarf to lift your entire ensemble.

Creative Sector Shorts

If you're interviewing for a position in the arts or a creative environment, stay cool when temperatures soar by switching out your traditional skirt or pantsuit for a pair of tailored shorts with a matching jacket or complementary blazer. Dressed up with a professional pair of heels this contemporary update shows you've got some savvy about what's cutting edge, and aren't afraid to show your ideas and personal perspective.

Professional Dresses

Nothing says "I've got it going on" like a simple, well-tailored dress in the summertime. This classic, feminine look will be appropriate in any environment, can be paired with a matching jacket and will help you keep cool in an interview situation. Solid colors can be accented with bold accessories, or try a simple print to put across your personality.

Casual Corporate Look

Teamed with a print fabric fitted blouse and summer-weight solid color jacket, white pants create a contemporary, polished look that's perfect for a more casual corporate culture. Be sure they are tailored to fit you, though, rather than too tight, and watch out for unprofessional VPL (visible panty lines).

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