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What Are the Advantages to Traditional & Natural Cotton Clothes?


Cotton clothes absorb moisture like nobody's business. Then check out this figure from the Cotton Clouds, a yarn supplier in Safford, Arizona: Good old cotton can actually take up as much as one fifth its weight in water before even feeling damp. This is one reason cotton clothing remains the traditional go-to choice in hot and sticky tropical climates -- if you're gonna sweat, cotton will help keep you dry.


Cotton is also breathable. This matters even more when you're hanging out in hot temps. Ever worn polyester on a blazing hot summer day? If so, then you understand why breathability is such an advantage. All natural, 100 percent cotton -- the stuff that hasn't been blended with synthetic fabrics -- is microporous, which means it contains tons of super-tiny pores. These pores allow humidity and perspiration to make an escape instead of getting trapped between fabric and skin.


Cotton is hypoallergenic; it most likely won't give you or your kids an allergic reaction or upset sensitive skin. This is why is cotton has so many special uses such as infant clothing, cotton swabs, bandages and gauze. There's a reason cotton is so frequently used in sensitive situations: It's gentle.

Additional Advantages

Cotton doesn't itch or feel stiff; generally cotton is comfortable. Because it's so absorbent, cotton can be dyed any color and the results will look vibrant. Cotton is durable when dry and about 30 percent stronger when wet, which is why it's used for items such as baby wipes. Conventional cotton clothing won't fall apart after a few washes and can handle hot water with no problem. All-natural, organically grown cotton is biodegradable and renewable, which means it's not just good for you, it's good for the whole planet.

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