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The Best Jeans for Petities


As a petite woman, you'll need to look for certain jean styles to get the most flattering look from the denim. Go for the straight-leg jean to elongate your legs. Yes, you can wear boot-cuts, but make sure they don't hug your thigh too tightly before they flare out; that can make your legs appear stumpy. Want to go cropped? Look for a jean that ends only an inch or two above your ankle for the most flattering look. Trouser jeans that skim the floor with a high heel are also a good pick for petites. Love the skinny look? Go for it! Just make sure that they don't bunch up at the bottom and pair them with some high heels for a super-stylish look.


Fashion and style guru Stacy London has some brand picks for the best jeans for petites. She recommends a straight-leg jean in any one of the following brands: Banana Republic, Kasil, Jag and Caslon. Other brands that offer petite fits that are worth trying: Gap, Old Navy, Gloria Vanderbilt, Not Your Daughter's Jeans, Levi's and Ann Taylor.

Things to Avoid

Check out the pockets on the jeans when you try them on; make sure they hug your rear instead of making it look droopy. The pockets should be 4 to 6 inches long for the best look. Avoid wearing jeans that have have hems that drag the floor; this can make you look shorter, plus the jeans will eventually fray. No cuffs or ultra-cropped denims either; neither of these styles does anything positive for short legs.

Quick Fixes

If you find that the straight-leg jeans you've fallen in love with are too long, no sweat. Straight legs can handle a hem. Want to slim your leg without the work? Stick with petite jeans that have a dark wash, which is ultra flattering for your legs. If you're worried about a flat bum, look for jeans with flap pockets or embellishments to give some depth to your tush.

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