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How to Wear Head Scarves

Step 1

Fold a large square scarf in half to make a triangle with the nice side of your scarf facing out.

Step 2

Place the scarf on top of your head. The point of the triangle should point down your back and the fold of the scarf should cross your forehead. You can wear it back along your hairline like a headband, or bring it down lower to cover your hairline and part of your forehead.

Step 3

Hold the side corners of the triangle and bring them down under the back of your head near the hairline. Cross the right triangle point over to your left side and bring the left point to your right side.

Step 4

Pull the points together gently and create a knot.

Step 5

Decide whether you want to leave the back triangle of the scarf hanging down to hide the knots and flow in the breeze, or tuck it down inside the knot to let it shield you from the wind.

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