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How to Take Care of Leather Gore-Tex Boots

Step 1

Get a little warmth boost by coating the outside of your leather boots with beeswax, using a rag to rub it into the corners. This prevents the outer layer of leather from absorbing water and water from pooling between your Gore-Tex liner and the leather. End result? Your feet stay warmer, and the leather absorbs less water.

Step 2

Avoid using other waterproof sprays or waxes because they affect Gore-Tex's ability to "breathe." Normally, moisture evaporates from the leather through the Gore-Tex lining, keeping your boot dry. Beeswax doesn't interfere with this process, but other materials can, so better safe than sorry.

Step 3

Let wet boots dry naturally, keeping them at room temperature. Don't place them near a fire, radiator or other heat source because this can crack your boots. Super wet boots can take a couple days to dry, but you can't rush it.

Step 4

Turn your boots upside down and shake out dirt and debris.

Step 5

Clean stains and mud off the boots using a rag dipped in a bucket of warm soapy water. Use gentle soap to avoid harming the leather.

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