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How to Look Slim in Pictures

Step 1

Work a Miss America pageant pose. That's right, as skinny as those crown contenders actually are, they also sneak in a trick to make their 26-inch hips look 24-inch -- go figure. Face the camera with one hip and shoulder turned partially sideways. Place one foot in front of the other, facing outward. Place your weight on the back foot and point your toe so it faces the camera. This little trick shaves a bit of girth off your sides, your tummy and your thighs.

Step 2

Taking a head shot? Pull your head upward and forward just a bit to remove the look of a double chin. Imagine the top of your head is being pulled up by a string. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of vertical lift to minimize the shadows or appearance of sagging, puffy skin at the neck or chin.

Step 3

Wear dark clothes. Black slenderizes the torso, legs, your neck and arms. If you don't have black clothing, wear the same color from head to toe to offer a sleeker, more elongated image. And pass on the pink unless you want to look like Miss Piggy.

Step 4

Back to that string on the top of your head. Pull your shoulders back, head up, chest forward and suck your gut in. Inhale and try not to look like you're getting ready to jump into the deep end. This should suck a good 10 pounds off your frame.

Step 5

Spandex foundation clothing is a nervous photo subject's best friend. From bustiers to knee-length shorts, these tight undies help keep bra and tummy bulges in check.

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