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A Realistic Workout Routine for Moms

This time of year, lots of people resolve to lose weight and get fit. Unfortunately, that promise can be difficult for many of us to keep, mostly because (let's face it) diets suck and workouts are time-consuming.

Well, we can't do anything to make rice cakes taste like German chocolate cake, and we can't make exercise as much fun as catching up on Netflix while you eat that cake, but at least we can make exercise sound like something that's possible! Moms don't have a lot of spare time to squeeze in a session at the gym, which makes fitness seem like an unrealistic goal.

But when you look at a typical workout routine, aren't moms already doing most of this stuff?

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No need to bother with those pesky Push-Ups—you've already done all the reps you need (and then some) of this particular floor exercise! You just happen to know it better by its mom-given name: Is That a Raisin Or ... Something Else?

Some might recognize this as the Tuck Jump, but moms know it all too well as the old Sat On a Barbie Someone Left Jammed Vertically Between Couch Cushions move.

Feel the burn as you tone your glutes with the Squat—or, as moms who use public restrooms with their kids like to call it, the No No No, Don't Unlock the Stall Door!

Is this the Mountain Climber? Maybe to some people it is, but moms break a sweat with this maneuver all day long as the aptly renamed Seriously, Kid, Let Go of My Ankle.

Obviously moms have Lunges covered—also known as the frequently attempted Hold Still So I Can Wipe the Peanut Butter Off Your Face Before I Take This Picture exercise.

The Tricep Dip is great for toning up those arms; moms do several every single day as they hesitate, hovering over their chairs in the classic I Just KNOW as Soon as I Sit Down Someone's Going to Ask for Something pose.

The Hip Bridge is one of those exercises that seems simple but is actually quite a bit more difficult than it looks. Moms whose kids climb into bed with them at night are ready for it though, as they've already perfected the See, I Am NOT on Your Blanket So Will You PLEASE Just Go Back to Sleep?!? maneuver.

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So there you have it, moms. Physical fitness can be a reality in the new year! You just have to recognize the realistic names for the exercises you're already doing in your 24-hour, nonstop workout routine.

Images via Robyn Welling

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