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How to Tie a Sarong

Step 1

Wrap the sarong around your waist. Wrap it where it covers your belly area, starting a couple of inches under your chest. This will have a slimming effect on your stomach.

Step 2

Hold both sides of the sarong out in front of your body and pull to the side that you want the knot placed on.

Step 3

Take the right side of the sarong and fold it away from your body where the inside of the sarong is now facing outside. This will give the sarong a less bulky appearance.

Step 4

Make a dog ear out of the section you have just folded by holding it in your right fist. Do this with the left side as well.

Step 5

Tie the two pieces into a knot at your waist and adjust to whatever height on your body you would like it to fit.

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