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Mom.me Goes on a Juice Cleanse

Sometime between our co-workers bringing in Krispy Kremes and me bringing in Dunkin' Donuts—you know, on the same day (!)—some of us realized that we could use a detox. So lead editor Cerentha Harris and I teamed up with Urban Remedy, a line of raw meals, snacks and cold-pressed juices from Neka Pasquale and mama Cindy Crawford, who is a brand partner for the company.

Our juice cleanse lasted two days, but Urban Remedy has one-day, three-day and five-day options available. The shorter cleanses are designed to be more manageable and give you a quick boost of nutrients, while the longer cleanse is said to offer a real mind and body reset.

The cleanse is six juices a day, beginning at 9 a.m. and ending at 7 p.m., with a new juice every two hours. You start with a glass of warm water and lemon each day, but they advise to stick with just the juice, as eating slows down the cleansing process. If you need to snack, they suggest organic fruits, veggies and soaked seeds and nuts.

In the spirit of the "New Year, New You" theme, there was no better time than right now to do a juice cleanse.

Why cleanse? Cleansing has been known to help release the toxins in the body. It can be the first step in a new, healthier lifestyle. It also aids in resetting your taste buds and jumpstarts weight loss.

One of the things I heard about juice cleanses is that your skin just glows. I'm not really sure where, but definitely somewhere. When I woke up this morning, I swore my skin was already glowing. Maybe I don’t need to do this. Oh well. Bring on the an even better glow.


Day 1:

9:10 a.m.: Start the day with a glass of water with lemon.

After the glass of water, my first drink is Brainiac, a juice of celery, cucumber, parsley, spinach and lemon. It’s filled with enzymes and vitamins and boosts energy levels. Sip. Run to the mirror. Is my skin glowing yet? Sip again. No glow. Oh well, it’s just day 1.

The juice kinda tastes like a salad bar smells, but not horrible. Just absolutely zero sugar.

For some reason, my co-workers ask me how many days I've been on this cleanse. Just 1. Day 1, Juice 1.

11:00 a.m.: Time Machine—Açai with fresh lemon juice, cayenne, ionized water and stevia. It's high in antioxidants, promotes weight loss and anti-aging. I loved the little kick of cayenne in this one, and it feels like a treat when I compare it to the salad bar of this morning. I would definitely drink this spicy lemonade.

Cerentha came over to me 15 minutes before our next juice. “I can’t take it anymore, I’m going for the next one.” We both sprint to the refrigerator.

1 p.m.: Flush—Cucumber, ginger, lemon and mint juice with a touch of apple flushes excess water and toxins and pulls heavy metals from the body. I knew that extra poundage I picked up during my birthday week wasn’t cupcakes—it was metal!

But, wow, this juice is delicious—as in, I want a pitcher of it in my fridge at all times. The little hint of apple adds the perfect amount of sweetness.

3 p.m.: After Party. At this point, I sorta feel like how I would feel at an after-party: groggy, tired with a bit of a dull headache.

This juice is delicious because I love carrots. It has the color of tomato soup. Oh my gosh, tomato soup. With grilled cheese. That’s what I want.

There’s a huge ShopBop sale going on right now, and I’m thinking I need to pounce. Because after I lose all this weight, I’ll definitely need new jeans. Maybe I’m not thinking clearly. Co-workers agree that I am not thinking clearly.

5 p.m.: Warrior. Wow, this is excellent. It tastes like melted sorbet. This one is supposed to have strawberry, chia seeds and stevia, but Urban Remedy let me know that they had to substitute raspberry for strawberry. The chia seeds in this one is perfect for 5 p.m. The little bit of texture was unexpectedly satisfying.

Watching TV is impossible. I made it through 30 seconds of food-themed "Barefoot Contessa" before losing my mind.

7pm: Relax. How am I supposed to relax at a time like this? This cashew, cinnamon, vanilla and stevia blend felt rich at the end of a liquid day. It’s good, I’m not that hungry and I’m ready for bed. Well, mostly, I am ready for bed.

DAY 2:

I woke up on Day 2 the same way I wake up any other day—hungry. But just before I decided whether I wanted two eggs or three, I remembered the juice cleanse.

Day 2 followed the same menu as Day 1, so I was already looking forward to my afternoon raspberry smoothie.

9 a.m.: First water with lemon and then Brainiac again. The cucumber and celery flavor is particularly pronounced today, and I’m really craving sugar.

10:15 a.m.: Cerentha, my editor-in-chief, comes over to my desk and tells me she can’t take it anymore. My heart makes a sigh of relief because I think we’re going to get cookies or bagels. Nope—she’s just going for her next juice a bit early.

10:17 a.m.: Time Machine again.

1 p.m.: Flush tastes just as delicious today as it did yesterday. It’s the perfect balance of the green taste of Brainiac, but the little bit of apple and the heat of the ginger have me addicted. I definitely would start my day with this one, regardless of a juice cleanse. I also have this idea of turning it into a popsicle. Oh wait, I still miss ice cream.

One of my co-workers is eating asparagus wrapped in bacon next to me, and I can feel her feeling sorry for me.

3 p.m.: After Party gives me another boost with the sweetness of carrot. Someone comes up to me and asks if I’m sick. I haven’t checked if I’m glowing yet, but now I’m guessing ... probably not.

This juice cleanse is a roller coaster of all the feelings. I would have never thought a little bit of carrot juice would give me such a boost, but I feel like I just drank two cups of coffee—followed by a huge low about an hour later.

5 p.m.: Warrior does not disappoint, yet again. I almost can’t believe that I’m almost done. I leave the office and run to Nordstrom on my way home. Maybe it’s flattering dressing room lighting, or maybe its because my abdominals haven’t looked this good in a while, but I think I see a little bit of glow.

7 p.m.: Time for Relax again, and this time I’m too excited for it. To be honest, I’m impressed I survived. Proud of myself. Elated, even. I always considered myself an almond milk girl, but this drink has me thinking that cashew might be my new favorite. Memo to self: Research how to make your own cashew milk.

I watch “The Devil Wears Prada” because I was told it was the best movie to watch while on a juice cleanse. They were right. Fall asleep halfway through.

When I woke up the next day, I couldn’t believe it. I go to the kitchen and am satisfied by one scrambled egg.

Perhaps the best thing was that juice cleanse reset how I approach food. The Urban Remedy juices are flat-out delicious. If I don't do another cleanse again, I would definitely pick one of these up for a snack or a meal on the go. And you can't beat the extra boost of confidence that it gave me—yes, you CAN survive on fluids alone for two days.

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