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How to Wear a Trench Coat for a Top Curvy Shape

Step 1

Find a single-breasted trench coat -- a double-breasted coat will draw even more attention to your chest, which you don't need -- with long, fitted sleeves and that falls to mid-thigh to elongate your body.

Step 2

Get a trench with a waistbelt to help define your waist.

Step 3

Wear the trench buttoned up all the way, or leave a couple of buttons at the top undone. The farther up your coat you button, the longer and leaner your body appears.

Step 4

Wrap the belt around your waist snugly and tie it in place at the front, slightly off to the side. Without a belt around your waist, a large chest would make your body look larger than you actually are, because there isn't any definition between your chest and waist.

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