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Ways to Get the Green Caused by a Cheap Ring Off of Your Finger

Clean Up Your Act

Clean the ring thoroughly inside and out. Jewelry picks up the grit accumulated on your fingers and this grime speeds up the oxidation that transforms your skin from gorgeous to green. Wipe the ring down with a soft jewelry cloth to remove the bulk of the buildup, and plop the ring in a container of jewelry cleaner. Let the ring soak for five minutes, then scrub away loosened grime. Rinse the ring in warm water, and lay out on a towel to dry.

Get Your Soap On

Scrub your fingers down with plain old soap and water. Soak your hands in a bowl of super warm water, and add a drop or two of soap to a nail brush. Scrub your skin with the soapy brush, rinsing periodically to see how much green is left. Rinse your hands in clean water, rub dry on a towel, and moisturize with a little hand cream to leave your fingers soft and clean.

The Rub Down

Wipe away stubborn green stains with rubbing alcohol. Alcohol is a powerful astringent that quickly and thoroughly removes stubborn green stains. Saturate a rough rag with alcohol and scrub the rag back and forth over green fingers, rubbing until the ghastly color is completely gone. Rubbing alcohol is extremely drying, so wash and lotion hands well to avoid dry skin.

Step Up to The Plate

Buy your jewelry a new coat – of protective plating, that is. Rings are often coated with a thin layer of rhodium plating before leaving the factory, but this coating becomes scarce the longer you wear the ring. A jeweler can dip the ring in a new coat of plating, leaving the ring like new and your fingers clean and green-free.

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