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Demi Bra Vs. Full Coverage

What Are Full Coverage Bras?

Full coverage bras are perfect for the practical woman who wants to completely cover up her assets. Not only do they give your curves good coverage, but they also have you covered in the support and comfort department as well. That extra support makes full coverage ideal if you have fuller or larger breasts. Even if your bust is more medium or small, full coverage is an option that works well under certain types of clothing.

What Are Demi Cup Bras?

Demi cup bras are half-cup versions of their full coverage counterparts. They're generally cut 1 inch above the nipples and made with shorter and shallower underwires that are more comfortable for diminutive breast sizes. Skimming on the excess material isn't all that distinguishes demi cups. The cups are built with a slight inward tilt that pushes breasts closer together and up – giving more cleavage. Demi cups are best suited for women who are an A or B cup. Women with full or larger breasts beware that demi cups may runneth over and leave you with the double boob that comes from spilling over the top of your bra.

Clothing Best Suited for Demi Cups

Clothing that's cleavage baring and not for the prim and proper are just what demi bras were meant for. For example, square, wide or scoop necklines work well with demi cup bras. You wouldn't want to wear a low-cut top and have your bra play peek-a-boo. Because you're only getting half the coverage, this bra is suitable solution for those times when full coverage equals too much coverage. T-shirts and demi cups, however, are anything but a match made in heaven because the line between bra and breast is usually visible.

Clothes Best Suited for Full Coverage Bras

Full coverage bras work well with clothing that requires additional support or items that don't reveal a great deal of skin. Turtlenecks, fitted tops and sweaters and other non-breast-baring tops are all types of clothing that work well with full coverage bras beneath. T-shirts are also well suited for this type of bras. A seamless full coverage bra provides smooth support that won't show beneath T-shirt material.

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