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What to Wear With Brown Heels


Blue jeans are closet basics that can take a wide range of looks. You can pair them with everything from the standard tennis shoes or sandals to patent-leather heels or chunky platforms. Wear your brown heels with a well-fitting pair of skinny jeans for a classy look and dress it up with a shimmering top. Wear a brown blazer with your straight-leg jeans and brown heels for a corporate casual affair. Have fun with flared jeans and high-heeled brown sandals.


About the only colors that don't go well with brown heels are dark blue and navy. A light blue dress, perhaps accented with a brown belt, can give you a classic retro look, though. Black and brown make for easygoing partners. Pair your brown heels with black pants or a black suit. While it evens out the flow to also wear a brown top under your black blazer, it's not imperative. Brown also matches well with rust, orange and yellow, as well as green, purple and white hues.


Accessories can bring together any outfit when you wear your brown heels. Hats, scarves and belts can pull together an outfit. The browns don't have to match exactly, but bring it together with hints of brown in a plaid or paisley scarf or top. A brown vest worn long over a brightly patterned skirt is a natural for brown heels. Steal a look from your man: Try wearing your brown heels with a brown fedora and brown belt.

Toe Touches

Stay away from white socks or hose with brown shoes: The effect will be too jarring for most tastes. Brown heels look great against most skin tones. Natural hose that highlights your skin tones will bring out the fine detail in the shoes and complement your legs and ankles. If you're dressing for a job interview or important client, keep your hose and socks close to the shoe color: It's no time to draw attention to your legs -- unless, of course, you're interviewing for the runway or a shot at dancing with the Rockettes.

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