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What Shoes to Wear With Women's Slacks

Open-Toe Pumps

This versatile shoe transitions from day to night with ease; in other words, you can wear these shoes with your slacks at work with a blazer, basic T-shirt and scarf for a professional look, then shed the scarf and blazer after quitting time and head to the local watering hole. If you want solid-colored slacks to sing, choose a patterned pair of open-toe pumps. If you already have a lot going on with accessories, then go with a more demure pair of neutral-colored pumps.

Penny Loafers

A throw-back shoe style, penny loafers feel comfortable and look stylish. You can wear them to work with a pair of slacks; however, you might want to bring something a bit sexier for after hours, because these shoes don't necessarily transition. However, they are innately professional and can be purchased in a durable -- but pricey -- leather, which means they will stand the test of time and your most insane days at the office.

Strappy Sandals

More Saturday afternoon than workday afternoon, strappy sandals actually add a certain sense of sex appeal to a pair of ordinary slacks. You can either do a plain baby tee or a button-down blouse, depending on just how dressy you want to be. Strappy sandals work well with slacks because they tend to have embellishments across the top of the foot, which means the shoe won't compete with the bottom of your slacks.

Round-Toe Flats

Ever-trendy and super comfortable, round flats complement just about any type of pant, including women's trousers. Again, there is room to experiment here; don't give in to the temptation to add these shoes as a staple in black, brown or white. Go wild and get a pair of polka-dot flats or a pair in patterned fabric. Not only does this add some character to your existing shoe collection, but it makes an ordinary pair of slacks look chic.

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