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The Best Swimsuits for Every Figure

Pear Shaped

If you've got a larger than life caboose, don’t try to hide it under boy shorts, which actually make your hips look bigger than they are. Instead, choose a bikini or one-piece cut high on the legs to minimize your bottom half. If you prefer to show off in a smaller bikini, choose one that has ties on the sides of the bottoms. This flirty detail not only looks super feminine and cute, it draws attention away from your hips. Stick with a deep V-neck on top to detract attention from a too-curvy bottom half.


Logging multiple hours at the gym gives you a to-die-for, toned figure that is the envy of all your friends. But the wrong swimsuit can make you look boyish rather than slim and muscular. Choose a ring-top bandeau bikini to show off your chest, as well as your killer arms and shoulders. Make the most of your slim figure by wearing a bikini or one-piece with ruffles. A patterned bikini helps emphasize your curves.


Plus-size women often make the mistake of covering up their bodies with too-big clothes and unflattering one-piece swimsuits. Instead, enhance your fabulous body with a feminine one-piece with ruffles on top to make the most of your curves. If you’re more of a bikini woman, choose a high-waist one, which will trim you. Swimsuits with small prints help conceal any extra, unwanted rolls, giving you a sleek, sexy figure.

Apple Shaped

A bikini can seem like your worst nightmare if you’re apple shaped. Instead of ruling them out completely, choose a tankini that covers your belly. Simple details like ruching can minimize your midsection, giving you a waist and a feminine shape. If you prefer a more traditional bikini, choose one that is banded around the waist to give you support. If you feel most comfortable in a one-piece, choose one with details on the side to slim you.

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