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How to Make Gold Accessories Last Longer

Protect Faux Gold

Step 1

Choose the accessory to paint.

Step 2

Test the accessory to see if it can hold the polish. Paint a small test spot on the accessory and allow it to dry. If there is no visible discoloration of the piece or flaking of the finish, then proceed to the next step.

Step 3

Apply a thin layer of clear nail polish on all sides of the accessory using the same motions that you would when painting your nails. Allow each side to dry before painting the next side.

Step 4

Touch up with clear polish every two weeks.

Step 5

Allow all sides to dry thoroughly before you store or wear the jewelry.

Store Gold Accessories

Step 1

Store all gold accessories in a jewelry box with a lid to protect them from direct sunlight. Sunlight causes the jewelry to fade faster.

Step 2

Lay faux gold chains flat and straight when you store them to prevent kinks in the jewelry.

Step 3

Rotate and turn pieces that you store for long periods of time to prevent uneven fading and discoloration.

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