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The Most Helpful Kids' Tooth Loss Chart

Photograph by Getty Images

Every parent has, at some point or another, looked up one of those charts that tells them what the expected order of tooth loss is for kids. The bottom front teeth usually come out around age 6 or 7, followed by the top front teeth about a year later, etc. But that doesn't tell parents what they REALLY need to know! Sure, it's nice to anticipate when we can expect each tooth to fall out, but what we really need to know is useful information about each tooth, like ...

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1. Forces you to delete everything on your phone to make room for 634 adorable gap-toothed smile photos

2. Child sees blood, cries for 45 minutes.

3. Leaves the perfect space for a straw, so make sure to buy ALL THE STRAWS, because trust us, your kid is not going to get tired of demonstrating how perfect that space is for a straw.

4. Begins two-month phase of not being able to understand half of what your child says due to sudden lisp.

5. At this point you're starting to feel weird about saving teeth, but you also feel weird about throwing them away. That's perfectly normal! Now hurry up and decide what to do about it, because there are still 15 teeth waiting to fall out of your kid's head.

6. Check Pinterest for ideas about what to do with all these teeth; get freaked out by the sheer volume of crafts you can make with your child's discarded body parts.

7. First time forgetting to play Tooth Fairy; you'll invent an elaborate excuse that sounds ridiculous, even to you, and distract child by leaving twice the usual amount under her pillow the next night.

8. Secretly relieved this one fell out because watching child wiggle it with his tongue was starting to drive you a little crazy.

9. Child wakes while you're slipping the tooth out from under her pillow; expertly disguise it as loving middle-of-the-night hug.

10. Comes out while child is eating an apple; child freaks out and refuses to ever eat apples again.

11. "Tooth Fairy" shells out $5 because you didn't have any singles or change.

12. Child makes you watch her wiggle this one every day for a month while you pretend it isn't making you want to gag.

13. Swallowed at school.

14. Stuck in some taffy.

15. Tired of dealing with teeth, you leave this one under the pillow; tell child it's a special gift from the Tooth Fairy.

16. Child uses missing back tooth as reason she couldn't possibly eat your meatloaf for dinner.

17. Child hints that they no longer believe in the Tooth Fairy, but won't admit to anything because they still want the cash.

18. Find tooth at the bottom of child's backpack; child has no idea how it got there and can't remember when it fell out.

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19. Stays wiggly f-o-r-e-v-e-r until, out of desperation, child decides to tie a string to it and slam the door, but then just stands there working up the nerve to slam the door for two hours.

20. Child neglects to tell you about this one because only "babies" care about losing wiggly teeth; you leave money under their pillow anyway because, awwwww, it's their last baby tooth.

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