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10 Pretend Holidays Kids Would Appreciate

Photograph by Getty Images

The holidays can be a lovely time, especially if you have kids. However, if you have kids, the holidays can also be a nightmare: Give kids a few weeks with no school, lots of presents and sugar, and see how they adjust when it all comes to a screeching halt. There’s little that kids enjoy more than a holiday, except maybe dreaming of additional occasions to party in the space between those occasions that are officially marked on the calendar.

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Here are 10 pretend holidays kids would appreciate being observed for real:

1. "I Cleaned My Room Without Being Asked" Day

I’ll take a medal and a monument, please.

2. The Day in Between Sunday and Monday

There’s not one, but does anyone think there shouldn’t be one, and that it shouldn’t be appropriately observed?

3. Tuesday

We made it through Monday. Let’s party!

4. There Was a Holiday in November and December That Involved Candy and Gifts. Therefore We Are Owed a Holiday for January.

It should involve specialty desserts topped with candles, a mountain of wrapped gifts and some sort of theme song—preferably about and sung to me.

5. "I Did My Homework and Handed It in on Time" Day

If this isn’t cause for celebration, what is?

6. My Half-Birthday

Why party in my honor once a year when you can do it up big twice?

7. My Three-Quarters Birthday

Or three times.

8. My Sibling Is Celebrating a Birthday

I should be fêted for surviving my sibling, yes? (Yes. The answer is yes.)

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9. If the Supermarket Has Balloons, We Must Honor Their Existence

Do it for the balloons.

10. Cupcake Day

No cupcakes for the celebration. Cupcakes are the celebration.

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