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The Best Bras for Summer That Won't Make Me Sweat

Bra Styles

You need to let your skin breathe, so you'll need something simple, such as a sports bra. Before you cringe and imagine yourself with a flattened chest, sports bras have come a long way. Choose a style with individual cups for support, a racer-back cut and no metallic embellishments that can get warm against your skin. Choose bright colors or flirty patterns for an extra feminine touch.

Fabric Choices

Pick a bra made from cotton, a cotton blend or mesh fabric. Some bra styles offer a combination of fabrics, with solid coverage over the breasts and mesh, breathable fabric under your arms and across your back. This combo style will keep you cooler than a solid-fabric design. Avoid silk, flannel or polyester bras during hot summer weather.

Features to Avoid

Thick push-up padding tends to warm the breasts and cause you to perspire more. Give those up for the summer and go with a bra with well-molded individual cups. It should also have a front adjustment that pushes the breasts closer together for a plump, round appearance. If you tend to choose bras with padded straps, forgo the heat-trapping cushion for a wide strap style made of one layer of fabric.

Bra Tests

Head to the fitting room and do a few tests before you buy a bra. Your breasts should not rub against each other. During warm weather, this will cause perspiration and can lead to painful chafing. Jump up and down or do a few exercise moves. Your breasts should feel supported and not bulge over the top of your bra. If the bra passes these tests, you're set for summer.

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