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Teen Poses as Ob-Gyn in Florida Hospital

West Palm Beach, Fla., police won't charge the teen whom they arrested after discovering he had posed as an ob-gyn and even met with patients. The really bizarre part of the story?

He got away with it for an entire month.

Law enforcement aren't releasing the boy's name because of his age. According to reports, the boy walked the halls of halls of St. Mary’s Medical Center in a white coat with the St. Mary’s logo.

The jig was up for him, however, when an actual doctor got suspicious. Dr. Sebastian Kent, an ob-gyn with St. Mary’s Medical Center, told Fox News that the teen had presented himself with a patient from Kent's own practice. He introduced himself as Dr. Robinson.

Kent said that the imposter doctor's seemed quite young. “The first thing I thought was, ‘I really getting old because these young doctors look younger every year,'” Kent said.The police report indicates the boy doc was allowed to stay inside the room with the patient during an exam.

The real doctor eventually called security, who then called police.

The hospital released a statement saying the situation was under control and no one should fear having been treated by the imposter. “The individual never had contact with any hospital patients and did not gain access to any patient care areas of the hospital at any time. The hospital immediately notified local authorities, who took the individual into custody, and we are cooperating with their ongoing investigation.”

The definition of "immediately" is used rather broadly in this context.

The boys mother said the imposter isn't well and that he had recently stopped taking his medications.

Image via wsbtv

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