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What are the Most Flattering Puffer Jackets?

Do: Choose a Coat with Figure-defining Elements

Part of what makes puffer jackets so unflattering is in the name; they are puffy and don't hug your curves. Instead, they add on bulk. There's no hard-and-fast rule that says a puffer jacket can't flatter your curves. Instead of settling on a shapeless jacket, get a puffer that comes with an attached belt. The belt will cinch in your waist and create curves that will show up under the jacket.

Don't: Go With a Comfy Oversized Fit

Certain oversized items, such as big cardigans and paper-thin T-shirts, are dressed-down chic. Oversized puffer coats only look good if you're going for that eighth-grade slumber party look.

Do: Choose a Long Cut

Short puffer coats might conjure up childhood memories of hitting the ski slopes, but as an adult, you need a much more streamlined look or it won't be flattering. Choose a coat that hits 5 inches above the knee, which will make your body look long and lean. The sleeve should end right above the wrist.

Don't: Pick a Wild Color

You might have the compulsion to pick a puffer in bright green or vibrant magenta, but all that fabric will make an odd color jump out at onlookers. It will just convince them you're a lot larger than you really are. Choose a neutral like black or dark brown, which is always slimming.

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