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How to Attach Patches to a Denim Jacket

Step 1

Decide on the placement of your patches. Jacket patches are typically placed all over, so you can choose to add them to the front or back panels, the sleeves or even the shoulders.

Step 2

Pin the first patch to the jacket. Place the pins on the inside of the patch, so they do not get in the way.

Step 3

Set up your sewing machine with a heavyweight needle, suitable for sewing through layers of denim, and clear monofiliment thread, so the stitches will not show.

Step 4

Set the machine stitch to a zigzag pattern and place the pinned patch under the machine foot. Sew slowly all the way around the outer edge of the patch.

Step 5

Sew the remaining patches to the jacket in the same manner. For tricky areas like the sleeves, you might prefer to hand stitch the patch, using a slipstitch, if you find machine sewing difficult.

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