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IKEA Announces New Kitchen Design

Finally! IKEA, the Swedish furniture and home accessory superstore has given the public its first look at their new kitchen system, SEKTION, available for purchase beginning February 2, 2015. So what's happening with the old system AKURUM?

It's being completely replaced with this new, modular design. Why are they replacing it you wonder? Because, as IKEA does, when it comes to design and are usually right, they saw an opportunity to improve upon their system. This one is promising to offer more flexibility—from designing the interiors of the cabinets and installation to offering a variety of looks that goes from modern to country, all in various colors.

For those of us who have been waiting with bated breath (and stalled any sort of kitchen remodel plans waiting for the system to become available), this is great news (although you still have to wait to designing your space based on the new specs and dimensions until February 2).

Our favorite parts? They kept the soft close option (thank goodness) but now you can use your knee to open cabinets with a slight push. This is amazing for when your hands are full like when you are throwing away garbage or putting away a bunch of items. Another bonus? More lighting options for inside and outside your cabinets including electrical and USB outlets—because we all know there is never an outlet where you need one. And last but not least, the additional storage options for the cabinets and drawers can fully be customize your based on your needs, without limit. Drawers within drawers, sectional accessories and organizational tools is on overload and we couldn't be happier. Now if only IKEA could design our family to actually put stuff away where it belongs.

Want to see more? Check out their brochure for the latest images and inspiration. Warning: It may cause a strong desire to remodel your own kitchen.

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