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Can You Get Rid of 40 Bags of Stuff in 40 Days?

Hello! I’m so happy to announce an exciting new project that some bloggy buddies and I have agreed to participate in! If you hadn’t guessed, it’s called 40 Bags in 40 Days and is exactly what it sounds like.


We have committed the next 40 days for whipping our homes into shape by eliminating one bag a day from 40 problem areas. I know, seems

Here is the thing, though, they don’t all have to be huge kitchen trash bags! Say one of your problem areas is your kitchen junk drawer. A bag from there is going to considerably smaller than a bag from your closet — and that is A-OK!

The two words you need to remember to complete this challenge are "organize" and "purge." I also created a handy-dandy free printable for you to make your own list of problem areas to cross off as you go! (It’s below)

My Problem Areas

Here they are, in all their glory, organized by room:


1. Top of the Fridge

2. Tupperware Cupboard

3. Hutch Drawer 1

4. Hutch Drawer 2

5. Craft Cupboard

6. Hutch Display

7. Dishes Cupboard

8. Spice Cupboard

10. Pantry

Living Room / Entryway / Office (Yes, it’s all one room, ha ha)

11. Entryway Closet

12. Office Shelf


13. Movie Shelves

14. Book Shelves

15. Linen Closet

16. My Closet

17. My Dresser Drawers

18. My Dresser Top


25. Medicine Cabinet

26. Shelving Unit

27. Makeup/Beauty Supplies


28. Landing

29. Toy Box

30. Seasonal Decorations

31. Donation Corner (literally a pile of clothes that need to GO!)

32. Accountability Box

33. Basement Shelf

34. Deep Freezer

35. Folding Area


36. The Truck

37. The Backyard

38. The Front yard

39. Dog Toys/Area

40. Recycling Station

Are you ready to join in the fun? HERE is your free printable. Follow along with us and share your progress using the hashtag #40Bags40Days! We will be posting every Friday for the next six weeks and each updating our original post with a link to our current progress reports, for easy reference.

Click here to see my week 1 progress.

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