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Men Tricked Into Catcalling Own Mothers

In Lima, Peru, 7 out of every 10 women are harassed in the streets. A TV show host and Everlast boxing equipment teamed up to see if they could get someone to cure a few men of this habit. To do this, the stunt show set things up so that catcalling victim — and hero — is the same woman: the catcallers' moms.

As the host explains, most men in Peru say they think catcalling is only a minor offense. So they tracked down the mothers of repeat catcalling offenders. Producers of "Harassing Your Mother" explained to these moms the seriousness of catcalling. So the women agreed to participate.

The gave the mamas makeovers, then set the cameras rolling. These women's sons did not disappoint.

"Renzo!" the first mom calls out, after her son calls her "tasty panties."

"Mama?" he responds.

"What they told you about me was true!"

"What's true?" Renzo asks.

"About you saying such dirty things to women."

Renzo denies, denies, denies, and then offers this classic harrasser's defense: "You never dress up like this."

Ahhh, so Mami was asking for it?

Another mother ripped offer her wig and started smacking her son with it. He blames the man in a car passing by, and then tells his mother she's going to get him fired. Her response to this is to drop the "I'm ashamed you're my son" mom-bomb. She angrily strides away, leaving him to try looking casual while standing atop a woman's wig.

Image via YouTube/silbaleatumadre

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