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Lower-Body Exercises with Resistance Bands


Resistance-band squats are similar to free-weight squats. Step on the band or bands with the feet, grab the the ends of the bands with your hands, and lift them up to shoulder height. From here perform a squat. Position the feet slightly outside of shoulder-width length, keep your back straight, and push your hips back during the descend. Do not lean out over your knees.


To perform a lunge, step on one end of the band with the working foot, grab the other end of the band, and lift it up to chest height. Step back with the other foot to create about a 2-foot space between the feet. Bend the front leg and descend low enough for the back leg's knee to brush the floor. The torso must remain upright, and the back foot should travel backward in a straight line.

Single-Leg Squats

For a single-leg squat, step on the band with the working leg, grab and bring the band up to chest height, and hold the non-working leg out in front of the body. Descend until the working foot's thigh is parallel to the floor, and press back up. Only one arm is required during the single leg squat; the other arm can be used for support by leaning against a wall or a chair. Hold the band by the same side arm as the working leg.

One-Leg Deadlift

Step on the resistance band with the working leg, grab the band with both arms and push the hips back. Lower the upper back until it is parallel to floor, keeping the entire back straight. Push the hips forward to complete the repetition. The back leg is lifted as the upper back is lowered to parallel; this should happen in a seesaw motion.

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