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Sneaky Fitness Tips for (Naked) Moms

One of my biggest peeves is when I see articles about how busy moms can get fit. Commit to it! Block it in your schedule! Make it a priority! Please. (This coming from an admitted fitness freak. Get me on an elliptical and I’m fabulous and happy.)

But the truth remains: Time. Is. Limited. Even us fitness freak moms have to get creative to carve out that ‘priority’ to stay fit, keep moving and make our bods healthy. I’m proud to report: I’ve found a way to make it happen.

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Do it naked. Before you shower. Locked in your bathroom.

Now now, don’t judge. Here are a few silly-but-savvy ways to sneak in some workout moves that keep your muscles visible and vibrant … in the quiet solitude of your powder room. I’m not a certified fitness expert, but I dare you to try:

1. Pushups against your bathroom sink (naked)

Think about it: These are easier than doing real pushups on the floor, but your muscles are still required to work. Two sets of 15. That’s it. It takes longer to brush your teeth. (Unless your child is banging on the door because they have to go potty, then just do one set of 15.)

2. Heel raises

Work the calves (since very few of us wear heels daily anymore). Stand up straight (with arms on your sink for balance) and raise your heels off the floor. Do as many or as little as you want (but I like two sets of 15). If you really want to go all out, let go of the sink and suck in your tummy (to keep balance) for added strength-training.

3. Butt squats (or as my husband calls them: "What's the point of that weird move?")

Repeat as many times as you can stand it (and as long as your spouse refrains from making fun of you).

Stand with your feet parallel and shoulder-width apart. Keep your hands in praying-like position in front of you at your chest. Suck in your tummy (again, to keep balance). Keeping your back straight and leaning forward, bend your knees, stick your booty out far (so that you can feel a bit of 'strain' in your buns) and keep bending as far as you can go. (You'll feel it in your buns and thighs.) Squeeze your buns to straighten your legs and come back up as fast as you can. (Is this even making sense? Maybe I should do a video.) Repeat as many times as you can stand it (and as long as your spouse refrains from making fun of you should the door be unlocked).

4. Touch your toes. (Yes, you’re still naked.)

Stand up, keep your legs straight, bend from the waist and just let your body hang there. Breathe. Hang some more. Touch your toes if you can. Feel the stretch. Hold and keep breathing. (You can also achieve the same result by employing your toddlers to help you with this at bedtime.)

5. Stretch your arms and upper body.

Arms all the way up (as high as they can go), lean to one side (to stretch your side). Lean to the other side (streeeeeeeeeeetch). Nice. You never know how wonderful it feels to open up your lungs and airways until you make the effort to do it.

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BAM. Done. 10 minutes tops. Now step into the shower. Enjoy. Feel closer to fabulous. (Naked?!? No one will know…. I promise.)

How do you squeeze fitness into your daily routine?

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